• Taeri Kang

    도움 많이 되었어요 감사합니다 ^^

    • Glad it helped. Thanks for coming by!

  • Keun Soo Kim

    Your advice is very helpful. I spent a lot of time improving my listening comprehension. To do it, I had dictated AP news for 3 years. Now I’m focusing on improving my speaking. I appreciate your wonderful advice. 감사합니다. 정말 많은 도움이 됩니다.

    • Dictating AP news for 3 years! I love how you’ve been consistent with your English studies. It takes years of hard work to get good at anything, and many people give up just by the thought of it – whether it’s learning a language, or going to gym.

  • JY

    I can’t agree with you more as your following advice
    결국 “많이 듣고, 많이 따라 해 보세요”라는 전형적인 조언이 되기는 하네요. 하지만 솔직히 자신을 돌아보세요. 직접 따라 해 보는 연습, 잘 안 하고 계시지 않나요? 그것에만 좀 더 신경을 쓴다면 분명 주변의 친구들보다도 훨씬 더 앞서 갈 겁니다.
    I’ve just got accustomed to learn English by reading and writing as most Korean people does, I need to approach English other way. I will study English more in the hope that the reproduce and performance enable me to get better English. Thank you Josh for your heartfelt advice.

    • “I couldn’t agree more” 라고 하면 동감하다라는 뜻이고, “I can’t agree with you” 라고 하면 동의하지 않다라는 뜻입니다. ^^

  • – ed744A

    감사합니다. Craiglist도 한번 이용해봐야겠네요:) It doesn’t seem likely that it’d be more accessible than Chatting Cat but it’s new for me. Cambly is good alternative either. Thanks for your reply~!