How to Be Funny in English

  • Hi,
    My name is Il-ho, Choi from Seoul, Korea. I just came across your English video clips on the YouTube. They were exciting and informative. I could feel your passion and enthusiasm for English teaching and education.
    For me, I’m working at an asset management company as an equity fund manager. To my luck, I have had some chances to expose myself to various kinds of English since foreign clients and business partners visit in my office. People from China, UK, America, and even Shingapore have their own ways of accents and intonations, which make me excited. Communicating with them in English for the first meeting isn’t that easy because it takes time to get used to thier English.
    Are you running a company in Korea? If it’s English education-related company, you might face tough and fierce competition. As you know, demand for English among Koreans are high but you had better – or alreay you know – keep in mind there’s oversupply for English education market in Korea. In my opinion, the key to success is differentiation.
    Was I so talkative today? Then, save more talk for next time.
    Happy new year!

    – Choi.