I’m a Lazy Bastard

  • kiho

    Thanks josh!

    I am kiho.

    This is my first time to reply your site.

    I am really happy to know ‘Splash English’

    I`m a young farmer, and I started to learn English in lately.

    So I get embarrassed when I write English.
    (I got help from ‘http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jPiRYhA5ac0’ ^^)

    I was listening carefully your voice and I kept repeating phrase.

    I will try to learn more with your site !

    Really thank you !

    • Josh

      Thanks for stopping by, Kiho!

  • Ayoung Yu

    Hello Josh.

    How have you been? I’m not sure if you still remember me.

    I came back to Korea from Victoria, Canada in Jan and just finished my semester.

    I think I have been procrastinating on replaying all the text messages from my friends.

    Also, I put off every single appointment when I feel I just want to stay home and think I have to do another thing which is less important than the arrangement. Of course I had to lie to my poor friends with stupid reasons. Honestly, I’m not a good liar.

    I was enjoying your story about teenager wizard and wondering the contents of the story.

    I hope you wouldn’t be distracted by anything.

    Thank you for teaching those words to me.

    Have a great day!


    • Josh

      Sometimes we have to put off less important activities for things that are more important. It’s not always easy to prioritize our to-do items.

      Thanks for the comment, and welcome back to Korea!