• Y.J.

    I feel so encouraged by seeing other person’s way of learning English. It’s obvious that speaking English fluently takes time for everybody, so let’s not give up on it.

    • That’s the spirit!

  • JY

    As the same age of Dr.Kim, in early 40’s, I listened to this pod cast with hopeful and cheerful mood that I also can do English fluently as long as keep going on. I started learning English from primary school. But I studied English seriously just 3 years before. Now I realized that speaking out some sentences for at least 30 minutes is so
    important to get fluent English. Thank you Josh and Kim.

    • It’s never too late to learn!

  • Kim

    This interview is gonna be my strong motivation. I keep making excuses when I couldn’t study English. I just tried find easy ways. shame! I will try to listen to this pod cast constantly. What I’m surprised is you give us the transcript as well. thank you so much!

    • Thanks for stopping by Kim!